Questions and Answers are updated frequently, please check here for the latest.

1. How can I use these art designs?
You can use them on many things suck as, clothing, stickers, physical prints, sublimation, vinyl, etc. --Anything physical.

2. Can I use your design as a logo?
No, many people use my artwork, it would not be wise to use designs that are for the public. 

3. Personal Use vs Commercial Use?
Personal use means you don't gain any money for your creations, things like gifts, or for yourself. Commercial use means you are gaining money for your creations, selling products with my designs on them.

4. Can I make money from using your designs?
Yes, however, I still own the rights to all of my designs. You can only use them to make physical products and/or add to them. You cannot sell the files or "gift" a file to a friend, you must refer them back to ArtByReneea.com so they can purchase their copy.

5. Do I have to shout you out on my products?
No, but if you'd like to share or tag me on your social media postings I would like to see your creations

6. Who owns the rights to the cartoon characters?
They belong to their respected persons, I only charge for my time and creativity.

7. Can I make a book out of the coloring pages and sell it?
Yes, but not a digital coloring book, you must have the pages printed out to sell. If you want my physical copy please visit here >>>

8. Can I print your vinyl patterns and/or pen wraps and sell them?
Yes, only a physical copy can be sold

9. What PHYSICAL Products can I use your designs on?
Pen Wraps, Vinyl Sheets, Stickers, T-Shirts, Mugs, Notebooks, Cards, Cake Toppers, and more.

10. What is NOT accepted?
You may not add my design to another digital design and resell it. That is a copyright infringement and will not be tolerated.